Services Provided

Detailed Overview of Our Services That We Offer

JLB & Associates Inc Investment Counseling

Portfolio Management

All client portfolios are managed in accordance with a set of Investment Objectives that are specific to each client. The portfolios can be constructed using the following asset classes: Cash, Bonds, and Equities. The client’s Investment Objectives govern the allocation among these asset classes. Each client portfolio is managed in accordance with our disciplined approach.

JLB & Associates Inc Investment Counseling

Account Administration and Maintenance

We simplify the process for our clients in opening accounts and facilitating transfers.  We also assist with and process all paperwork that may be necessary in maintaining client accounts.

JLB & Associates Inc Investment Counseling

Reporting and Performance Calculation

Keeping our clients informed on the performance of their portfolios is accomplished by generating a quarterly report that JLB & Associates, Inc. sends to each client in addition to the standard monthly custodian report.  Our quarterly report states the assets under management, the amount of money earned or lost, and performance relative to the index.