Our Investment Philosophy

JLB & Associates Inc Investment Counseling

Investment Overview

We believe the most successful investment philosophy for building wealth on behalf of our clients requires a disciplined investment approach and a long-term view of the markets. Consequently, market-timing and other short-term strategies are not part of the process of attempting to earn above-average rates of return. We offer portfolios that are comprised of various asset allocations depending on the individual requirements of each client relationship.

Our Investment Approach

JLB & Associates Inc Investment Counseling

Common Stocks

Fundamental analysis is employed as the major foundation of common stock selection.  Our universe of two hundred companies is ranked based on their risk adjusted expected returns.

Our Common Stock Universe contains highly profitable companies that have relatively low debt and retain a large portion of their earnings.  The universe is comprised of small, medium, and large-capitalization companies.

The goal of the common stock portion of a client’s portfolio is to outperform the Standard & Poor’s 500 Composite Stock Index measured over a three to five-year time horizon.

JLB & Associates Inc Investment Counseling


The procedure for managing fixed income portfolios is to select high-quality bonds rated “investment grade” (Baa/BBB or better) at the time of purchase. Bonds with unusually long maturities and callable bonds are avoided.

Based on the outlook for interest rates, a decision may be made to lengthen or shorten the maturity structure of a client’s portfolio. Usually, such an adjustment is gradual and without a high rate of turnover.